Greenwoods Counseling Referrals, Inc. is the face of help in Litchfield County and the first stop on the road to peace of mind.

We offer clinical assessments and referrals for individuals and families who don’t know where to turn when struggling with emotional, behavioral, or psychological stress.

In 1992, witness to difficulties accessing social and mental health services and inspired by programs that bring volunteer mental health care professionals together, Rev. W. David Dobbins founded Greenwoods. From the beginning, Greenwoods Counseling Referrals has served thousands of individuals and families.

Greenwoods is unique among other agencies in that we have a broad array of service professionals to provide help for even the most complicated problems.

Named after the county’s lush, pine-crowned hills, Greenwoods is a nonprofit agency serving individuals and families who live and/or work in Litchfield County.

The mission of Greenwoods is to support the mental health and wellness of our community through enhanced access to high quality behavioral health and social services.