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September 9-10, 2016

Greenwoods Counseling Referrals is again hosting training to further enhance the capacity of our TRN to respond to emergencies and the resultant psychological trauma that affects both survivors and first responders.

Greenwoods has been able to secure funding for 15 GAPP members (who are also active TRN members) to attend a two-day training. The first day is The Recent Traumatic Episode Protocol (R-TEP) – part of a comprehensive approach to Early EMDR Intervention (EEI). This workshop incorporates and extends existing protocols within a new conceptual framework, together with additional measures for containment and safety. Checking for sub-clinical sticking points which can obstruct Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) and don’t necessarily show up on the DSM radar, the R-TEP may reduce sensitization and accumulation of trauma memories.

The second day training is in EMDR Group Traumatic Episode Protocol (G-TEP) is a group application of the EMDR Recent-Traumatic Episode Protocol (R-TEP).This portion of the workshop presents a new practical application with a worksheet format for simplified utilization in emergency situations.

The R-TEP/G-TEP workshop is taught with video case illustrations, live demonstration and a practicum. For more information on these trainings, please go to

Upcoming Workshops

Workshop on Suicide Risk Assessment of Veterans, September 23, 2016 (please insert pdf flyer link)

Past Workshops

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A clinical presentation by Margo Maine, Ph.D.

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