Membership Information

A Revolution in Mental Health Provider Support

The Affordable Care Act will have a significant impact on access to and delivery of mental and behavioral healthcare in the years ahead. Greenwoods expects that more than 50,000 newly-insured individuals and families in Connecticut will not only seek treatment but will have the insurance to cover it.

GAPP offers new and established providers an array of services that will position your practice for healthcare reform: build your client base, enhance your revenue, and give you the opportunity to participate in a network already recognized for its quality of service.

As the hub of a private provider support network, GAPP offers its members a “business in a box.” Upon enrollment, you will be eligible to receive:

  • Referrals
  • Client Subsidies
  • Billing and Practice Management Services
  • Insurance Credentialing
  • Clinical Workshops
  • Continuing Education Credits
  • Care Coordination Services
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Peer Networking
  • New Business Development & Marketing
  • Individual Provider Portals

Having worked with private providers in our Litchfield County network for more than 20 years, Greenwoods Counseling Referrals, Inc. is uniquely positioned to develop this innovative and unique membership association. If you are feeling isolated from colleagues, looking to diversify your practice, improve business efficiencies and receive additional clinical training, GAPP is for you.

Using web-based software developed by case managers and insurance reimbursement specialists, GAPP helps you facilitate back office activities that burden and distract many private providers.

And when you want to grow and stabilize your private practice, GAPP membership will provide you with the services and support you need. As a network of providers, we are better positioned to negotiate the economies of scale not typically available to individual providers.

GAPP Membership Benefits


Building a referral network for appropriate and consistent referrals is one of the hurdles to building and sustaining a practice. At Greenwoods, we screen all referrals through our intake and assessment evaluations so that we can make the best match of client and provider.

Client Subsidies

We offer subsidies for counseling to clients who have financial or other hardships. Greenwoods screens for eligibility at intake.

Billing and Practice Management

Private practice revenue is risky and unpredictable. We have negotiated reduced rates for back-office services that will help you stabilize your income. With a membership in GAPP, you will have options for billing claims resolutions, tracking fee schedules, and using billing software.

Insurance Credentialing

Enrolling in healthcare plans and insurance carriers can be arduous and expensive. GAPP offers support from its vendor with the enrollment process even with carriers who have closed panels.

Clinical Workshops

Membership in GAPP entitles you to attend quarterly workshops. Workshops will be offered by experiences presenters in areas of interest to Greenwoods’ members.

Continuing Education Credits

CECs will be offered at each workshop at no cost to GAPP members.

Care Coordination

Navigating through the complex healthcare and social services system is often overwhelming for our clients. These obstacles can prevent people from going to treatment or cause missed appointments once they do access care. Membership in GAPP provides you with care coordination support for your more complex client situations.

Clinical Supervision

GAPP facilitates partnerships between providers to offer supervisory groups or 1:1 sessions for hours towards licensure or to enhance clinical skills.

Peer Networking

One of the most common complaints from those in private practice is the isolation from peers. Greenwoods facilitates groups for networking, information and professional support.

New Business Development & Marketing

An additional benefit is our consultation to the membership regarding new business development, best practices, diversified service options, and marketing our work. New programs under development include supervised visitation and integration of our intake assessments and therapy with primary and mental healthcare (“primary care medical homes”) is a centerpiece of health care reform.

Individual Provider Portals

GAPP members will have personal, log-in access to a provider site which will contain customized reports, access to billing services software, bulletin boards for communication with members, and access to troubleshooting support to resolve questions or problems that arise.