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Greenwoods has over 100 licensed mental health clinicians in our provider network. For clinicians in our network we provide referrals, trainings that meet continuing education requirements for licensed clinicians (often offered at reduced rates), advocacy, and networking events. We also offer opportunities to be part of our Greenwoods community by participating in our monthly lunchtime talks. During these “talks” providers in our network will discuss cases, share new therapeutic techniques, or discuss topics that are impacting our community or the field of mental health.

Join Our Network

Being a part of our network is free, but we do require a completed provider application packet, which is available for download below. In addition to the completed application we ask all providers to participate in an in-person or phone interview with the Executive Director or the Clinical Coordinator of Greenwoods. What makes Greenwoods special is the personal connection we have with the providers in our network. We want to get to know you so we can provide you with the best referrals possible and support you in your practice. If you have questions about joining our network, or simply want more information, please call our administrative offices at (860) 567-7724. You can also email our office administrator Michele Sonnati at msonnati@greenwoodsreferrals.org. We look forward to hearing from you!

Being a member the Greenwoods provider network is absolutely free! Many of the providers have commented that joining Greenwoods is an easy process and only beneficial to their practice. After a meeting with our Clinical Coordinator, a provider that recently joined Greenwoods sent us the following note.

Hi Michael,

Just wanted to extend a thank you for hosting us and learning more about what we do as well as giving us an opportunity to learn more about the services your great organization provides! We look forward to being in touch with you not only on referrals but any projects you have in mind where we can be of assistance. We also look forward to learning about trainings that your organization will host in the future. We are happy to have such a great local connection. We cannot wait to inform colleagues and community members about the valuable service you provide and believe you are exactly the kind of relationship we are excited to have in our practice. Thank you again and we look forward to talking more in the future, wishing you an easy as well as productive rest of the week. Kelly Taylor

Kelly Taylor, CAC, LCSW, LADC
Catalyst Counseling of Connecticut, LLC

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Addressing Addiction & Complex Trauma in our Community
Building Our Strengths – Three Part Series
Feb 9 / April 6 / May 4 2018 (9AM – 2PM)


FREE Mental Health First Aid Training
April 10th & 12th (3:30PM – 7:30PM)


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