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Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is a clinical assessment?

    The purpose our clinical assessment is to give a mental health provider a complete picture of your emotional state. To do this, the Greenwoods therapist will meet with you individually and ask you a series of questions. The goal is to get to know you as well as possible and truly listen. We do our best to understand the factors contributing to whatever it is you’re struggling with. We then use this information to refer you to a mental health therapist that can meet your needs.

    The results of this assessment are always kept confidential and only shared with the mental health therapist you are referred to.

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    What if I don’t feel a connection with the counselor you recommend?

    We feel that the “fit” between client and therapist is the most important part of the therapeutic process, which means we want you to feel comfortable with the therapist we recommend. We will provide you with a list of three mental health therapists that we feel are a good fit for you, which means you will have options if your first choice in therapist does not work out. We encourage you to call Greenwoods back at any time if you would like additional recommendations.

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    What if I don’t have health insurance and can’t afford to pay for my treatments?

    In addition to offering clinical assessments and referrals, Greenwoods Counseling Referrals (GCR) also offers a subsidy for those that cannot afford the cost of their treatment. GCR pays for a portion of each counseling session fee, the client pays for a portion of the fee, and the provider agrees to reduce his/her fee. In this way, GCR, the client, and the provider are working together to get the client the mental health services he/she needs. GCR pays $40 per session. We leave it to you and the mental health provider to work out what you will pay out of pocket. Our providers typically charge between $5.00-$40.00, which represents your financial obligation to treatment. Subsidy approval is based on financial need and eligibility requirements described in our Subsidy Program Policy.

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    Can I get counseling near the town I live in?

    We will do our best to match you with a counselor close to where you live or work. Greenwoods maintains a network of over 100 professionals in Litchfield County and the surrounding communities. We will not always be able to find a professional close to where you live or work because we want to ensure your clinical needs are the priority. Meaning, finding the right counselor that can treat your specific needs and personality is very important to the therapeutic process. Therefore, we will always match you first with someone who can meet your clinical needs and then narrow that search by finding a therapist as close to your home or work as possible.

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    Do mental health providers have different specialties like medical practitioners do?

    Yes. Just like a medical doctor specializes in pediatrics, cardiology, or orthopedics, mental health providers specialize in different emotional or psychological disorders. Usually a mental health counselor will have one to three specialties such as depression, addiction, or trauma. Also, counselors will usually prefer to work with certain populations like children, adults, families, or the elderly.

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    How do you match people up with counselors?

    The Greenwoods clinician will first match you based on your clinical needs. For example, if your most significant concern is with your family or significant other, we will first match you to a therapist that specializes in families and relationships, such as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. We will then narrow our search to therapist that accept your insurance or are willing to work with your financial situation. Finally, we try to match based on location so that getting to counseling on a regular basis is not burdensome. Our goal is to connect you with the best therapist to meet your needs and to reduce as many barriers as possible so you can participate in treatment for as long as is necessary.

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    Will I be charged for the clinical assessment at Greenwoods?

    We accept private insurance and all forms of Medicaid (HUSKY). However, if you do not have insurance and cannot afford to pay you can still receive services from Greenwoods. Please make us aware of your financial situation when making your appointment and we will work with you to address your financial needs.

    We will request a copy of your insurance card at the time of your visit. We will use this to bill for the evaluation and, more importantly, to assist us in making the appropriate referral.

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    Where do I go for my assessment?

    All of our appointments are held at the Greenwoods offices in Litchfield:

    25 South Street
    Litchfield CT, 06759
    (In the back of St. Michael’s Church)