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Greenwoods Counseling & Referrals

Do you or someone you know need help with anxiety, depression or alcohol or drug dependence?  Care of elderly family members?  Problems that just seem impossible to solve alone?

We at Greenwoods know that quality mental healthcare can be very difficult to find, especially for those who are in pain and have no idea where to turn. 

How we help?

  1. MAKE THE CALL: We’re here to listen. Let Greenwoods guide you through the process of getting help. Call (860) 567-4437.
  2. COME IN: Come in to meet with an experienced mental health therapist for an assessment at the Greenwoods office.
  3. GET CONNECTED: Greenwoods will match you with a short list of mental health care providers that are selectively chosen based on your specific needs. It is your choice who to see for help and your responsibility to make your own appointment, although we can assist with these things when needed. We can provide additional referrals for other kinds of support services as needed.
  4. WE FOLLOW UP: We follow up to make sure you’ve connected with a mental health therapist that you feel comfortable with. About one week after your appointment at Greenwoods you will get a call from our clinical administrative assistant Ashley to ensure you’re getting the help you need.


GreenwoodsUpcoming Events

  1. 2021 Annual Gala

    June 19 @ 6:00 pm